Our Response to COVID-19

Dear GCE Family,
After much consideration, the Session has decided to suspend our Sunday morning gatherings at Grace Church Elizabethtown.  It was not an easy decision, for we firmly believe the most important meeting on our calendars is Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. with our church family..

Our decision has been made in light of the known information about this virus.  Staying away from one another by canceling large gatherings and practicing physical distancing is a primary way to stop its spread.  We have been asked to assume it is in Hardin county and respond accordingly. No one knows how long we will need to suspend our meetings.  We are learning this together and hope to be gathering in person again soon.

We want to assure you this decision was not based out of fear of this disease.  Rather, it has been decided out of love for one another. It is always our responsibility to love, and stopping the spread of this disease is a loving and protecting response.  Isolating from one another is necessary to stop transmission of this virus, and we want to do our part in protecting our church family and our community.

I have heard from some of you asking what we can do to help one another in this time.  

  • The primary thing we can do is pray.  Pray for peace and sound thinking for all of us.  Pray for God to hold back this virus. Pray for our protection and safety, and the safety and protection of our community in Etown, our Commonwealth, our nation, and the world.  Pray for our leadership both locally and nationally. Pray for first responders and the medical community. Pray for God’s mercy.
  • Another way to help is to let your needs be known.  We are a family, and making a phone call, sending an email, or texting is a great way to remind one another we are thinking and praying for each other.  The Session will also be reaching out to you.

We strongly encourage you to join us virtually at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.  The habit of meeting together, even if online, will give us some semblance of routine and normalcy during this time apart.  You can join our live stream on our YouTube channel:

Trust God in this time, so that your hearts will not be troubled.

Believing in God’s goodness to us,

Pastor Monty Hershberger